Vitalijs Jerjomenko

Tattooing since 2012 Vitally has been part of the Studio 81 family since 2015. Specialising in black and grey realistic work, he does branch out and does a splash of colour when requested.
His custom portrait work is above all else, prior to the tattoo appointment (if this is possible) clients are asked to come for a shoot to capture the angles they are specifically after for their tattoo. Being a digital artist allows him to focus on the lighting and contrast more as he makes his designs on the computer to suit you. That's not to say he can't handle a pencil and paper, you'll find many of Vitaly's drawings lining the corridors of the studio.
It's rare you'll find an artist who goes out of his way to catch the tiniest of elements like vitally does.
For Appointments with Vitaly please come into the studio